"Giving is not just about making donations, it is about making a real difference"

- Jordan Wylie

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Jordan's work for national and international charities and good causes is complimented by his voluntary positions as a trustee, ambassador and leader of several, not for profit and charitable organisations. Jordan is committed and dedicated to helping others pursue both their personal and professional goals, especially those injured during active military service, children from deprived areas and those less fortunate than him.


Jordan lives by the mantra, that every day is a chance to change your life, encouraging those he meets to push the boundaries of their capabilities as far as possible and to be fearless in pursuit of their dreams.

Jordan's 2020 project

Running Dangerously Arctic - Badge Logo.

Training Sessions & Acclimatisation in Siberia (Russia)

A Full Marathon @ The Top of the World (North Pole)

A Full Marathon @ The End of the Earth (Antarctica)



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