Running Dangerously 2018

November 14, 2017



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

            — Nelson Mandela 


Education is a privilege that many take for granted. There are those of us who view education as a right, or occasionally even as a burden, particularly those of us in peaceful nations. When as children our daily lives are undisturbed by the chaos of war, the daily trip to school can seem unremarkable, mundane, a chore.


But for those in the worst circumstances, education can be a beacon of hope. That day to day routine and sense of normality can provide much needed structure in an unpredictable and dangerous world. 


Children, especially, crave consistency. When people think of war relief efforts, often the first things that come to mind are the basics needed for survival: food, water, shelter, protection. However, education is no less important a concern. The daily schedule of schooling, seeing friends and being in contact with kind and supportive adults — can be life-changing for a child caught up in war. 


All manner of traumatic things can befall blameless and innocent youngsters at times of political upheaval and battle. Not just death and physical injury from bombs and bullets, but exploitation as child soldiers and forced child prostitution, psychological pressures and vulnerability to disease and the lasting effects of the destruction of their social cultures and identities.


As a father myself, I can look at my daughter seven-year-old daughter Evie and think that I would do just about anything to protect her from the type of sadness that I saw during my own time in conflict zones. To think that in different circumstances, her introduction to the world might have been one of death and destruction rather than love and wonder, is simply terrifying.



Not just during conflict, but after as well, an educated society is needed in a country struggling to rebuild. All societies need doctors, teachers, architects and lawyers, but nowhere is this more vital than in a nation that has suffered the devastations of war. 


For these reasons, I’ve decided to make 2018 the year of my newest fundraising effort — “RUNNING DANGEROUSLY”. My aim is to raise funds to run in three of the most dangerous countries in the world: Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, and to pay for the education of three children that have been personally affected by war. 


As part of this, I will be running in a 10K, half marathon and full marathon and I will be documenting the whole process from start to finish. The documentary will be 30 minutes, and will be posted online to raise awareness of the importance of education for child victims of war. 


Although the runs will be extremely challenging. These won’t represent my first foray into long distance running for charity, I even have some experience dealing with hot climates after a 10k run in India in support of the Chennai 6. It won’t even be my first time going for a jog in a place ravaged by war having spent most of my working life in hostile and complex countries! I probably won’t be too phased trotting by a group of balaclava clad fighters, chilling out on an Isuzu bristling with machine guns.


But the dangers of moving through such regions are very real, especially for camera carrying Westerners, with severe travel warnings across the three zones. So I only decided to do it after much soul searching and deliberation. I know changing the lives of just three children may seem like a drop in the ocean, but we must start somewhere, we must try, and we must not look at the lives of real children in terms of statistics.


I feel that this might be one of the most worthwhile endeavors I have ever set out upon, but I need your support, if you can give something you will not only be helping to raise awareness to the plight of children trapped in conflict zones but you will be playing a tangible, positive role in the lives of three children. If you are giving as part of a company your sponsorship will not only benefit the children but if you choose to became a primary or secondary sponsor but your logo will be emblazoned on social media and the documentary for the whole world to see your organization’s generosity, social awareness and progressive nature.


Let us show them that we care, that life on Earth can be a wonderful adventure and that the humanity is about more than violence and survival.


Please visit my ‘Just Giving’ page and / / to learn more and help do something amazing today. Thank you to all those that have given and will give.


Running Dangerously Promotional Video:



Rick Webb (official training partner) pictured here with Jordan and a Challenger 2 Tank!

Former SAS soldier and Sky News Presenter, Big Phil Campion pictured with Jordan helping promote Running Dangerously. 


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