Reasons You Should Embrace Adventure For Better Mental Health

July 8, 2019


3 Reasons You Should Embrace Adventure For Better Mental Health 


Life will often throw us curve balls that we have to deal with and if we don’t deal with them quickly they can really take their toll on our physical and mental health. Wether it’s stress with business, love, work or family, I have found that adventure with a purpose provides the ultimate therapy to escape, reflect, reset and come back stronger with a clearer, more focussed and healthier body and mind. 


After leaving the British Army after 10 years service and losing that real sense of pride and belonging I knew I needed to find something that gave me those adrenaline rushes the military often provided through training, operations and sport. It’s no secret that I have had my own mental health challenges having being diagnosed with severe depression, chronic anxiety and epilepsy too. 


It’s very easy to get bogged down with everyday life and it’s also easy to fall into a victim mindset and feel that everything and everyone is against you from time to time. I want to share with you in my latest blog why you should seriously consider escaping the ordinary now and again and you may just appreciate that adventure is the cure thou need to answer a lot of your prayers. An old friend used to say to me “don’t trust it - test it”! 


1.Life Perspective 


“A particular attitude towards life or way of regarding something; a point of view”.


Whether I’m climbing mountains, rowing on the ocean or running through one of the UK’s national Parks. I have always felt peace and tranquillity in those moments that I don’t find in my day to day life. In the digital era we are now fully immersed in, it’s so nice to get out on an adventure where there is no keyboard, no phone screen to stare into and nothing but the natural beauty of this world. It allows you to think and reminds you what is important and what life is really all about. I find that your worries and stresses are easily forgotten during an adventure and we find ourselves living very much in the moment which seems to be a lost art these days. 


2.Life Lessons 


“Something from which useful knowledge or principles can be learned”.


I have learnt more life lessons from my adventures than I could ever pick up in any formal education at school, college or university. When I ran through the most dangerous countries in the world (Iraq, Afghanistan, & Somalia) for charity in 2018 I learnt more about humanity, culture and kindness that I have learnt in the previous 35 years. Many people associate learning with academic accomplishment. However, some of the most important lessons needed for happiness and fulfilment come through emotions and the sort of direct interaction with the world around you that adventure offers every day. Im a big believer in learning through experience, not just about yourself but also about other people and other cultures. I’ve learned a lot about not only independence and improvisation, but also how to face challenges head on and how by simply reaching out to people for help


and support can form lifelong relationships. It has re-established my faith in humanity and connected me to so many incredible people who have taken inspiration by my personal journey which has helped them understand where they are in their own lives. 


3.Embracing Fear (And Enjoying It) 


“By adjusting your mindset and perspective, you can turn fear from an obstacle into an asset”


Failure and success are such close companions to each other that in our pursuit of finding success we often close our eyes and try to block out  fear, failure and anything relating to the struggle. But what if you could change your perception about fear and instead of running away from it embrace it, cherish it, talk to it, even use it as motivational fuel! The biggest problem with peoples feelings towards fear today is not fear itself. No, it is the belief that we should never be afraid and we should be courageous and confident beyond measure. Courage and confidence are not the result of an absence of fear. In fact it’s quite the opposite, courage, confidence and even so called fearlessness are the results of facing, fighting and finally, embracing with your fears head on. Extreme adventure has allowed me to do all of these on a regular basis, so much so that I actually embrace it daily now! 


My Latest Adventure


In 2019, I will attempt to become the first person in the world to row across the most dangerous strait of water on the planet, completely solo, unsupported and unarmed. I will be raising funds and awareness for Frontline Children, Epilepsy Action and Seafarers UK. To learn more, please visit 

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