New Book Launched By Daddy & Daughter

April 29, 2020

I am delighted to tell you about a new project that myself and my 10 year old daughter Evie Grace Wylie have just finished this week, a colour – research – learn book titled ‘Around The World With Evie & Jordan Wylie’. 


The concept came from some home schooling we were doing, we have been trying to learn all the capital cities of the world and also the flags associated to each country which has been super challenging, perhaps more so for me than Evie to be honest. As we were learning them, we kept finding fascinating facts about the respective 196 recognised countries along with other interesting snippets of information such as the climate, the history and the different foods that were cooked around the world.


We decided whilst we were in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic that we would try and turn our project into a book to help other parents and children learn a bit more about this incredible world we live in. With support from a very special little local charity called The Abel Foundation in Andover, we have been able to publish and print the book and also donate more than 1000 FREE copies to NHS children and also families that suffer with Mitochondrial Disease.


Mitochondrial Disease is a chronic, genetic disorder that can be inherited in a number of ways. Because there are many forms of mitochondrial disease and therefore Mitochondrial disease presents very differently from individual to individual. When a person has Mitochondrial Disease the mitochondria in the cells are not producing enough energy. Sometimes they are not very efficient or they do not work at all. Depending on which Mitochondria are affected will depend on which organs are affected. Activities like running, swimming, cycling or even simple ones like walking or breathing can be difficult or completely impossible if you are suffering with Mitochondrial Disease.


‘Around The World By Evie & Jordan Wylie’ is published by Mr Gresty and available to purchase here.

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